“There’s Nobody There!” – Ghostly Flash Fiction for Halloween

It’s a while since I last posted some flash fiction, but there’s no better time than Halloween I guess! A couple of days early, and Sunday is usually the day I post original fiction, but nothing wrong with a Saturday, right? Here is an eerie ghost story for you.

halloween ghost story there's nobody there

30th October

Dear Diary,

‘There’s nobody there!’ dad told me off last night, just as he did the night before, the night before that and the night before that. Mum says dad has no patience. But mum is like that too. Dad has much less patience for what they call my “Invisible Friend”.

Stupid mum and stupid dad. If we was invisible, I wouldn’t be able to see him now, would I?!

They tell me I should have grown out of this sort of thing by now because I’m nearly 10. Why they think 10 year olds shouldn’t do things that 9 year olds do doesn’t make any sense to me! But the boy – the skinny, grey-skinned boy with the ragged clothes and the scars around his mouth and the sad face is always there despite what mum and dad say. I can see him.

I tell him to go, but he won’t – he never leaves. He just looks at me. I don’t want him in my room. I am nearly 10 now and I don’t want strange boys watching me as I get ready for school, dry myself after a bath or play with my toys.

He’s there when I go to sleep. I don’t always see him though, but I know he’s there.

He’s there when I switch the light out, I feel the wardrobe door open just a little. If I’m careful and slow and turn my head to the right, I will see his cold eyes looking at me.

Sometimes, I wake up and he’s standing over me. I shout at him but he does nothing.

He’s there when I comb my hair. When I look in the mirror, he’s there behind me but just out of sight, poking around from the back of the bed. If I turn to look, he’s in the corner of my eye again, like the time he was on top of the wardrobe. He sat with his legs crossed.

Just looking at me.

‘Why am I the only one who can see him?

31st October

Dear Diary,

The boy was in my room again today. When I got back, he was already there sat on the floor playing with some imaginary toys. He looked at me and smiled. I said and did nothing – again. What could I say or do? I’ve got so used to sharing this room with him.

I like having him around now. I was scared at first, even though I knew he couldn’t really hurt me. I think he thinks I can hurt him which is why he ignores me most of the time. I try to act normally. Sometimes, I think he just wants me to get out of the way.

I watched him walk around the bed and go to the mirror where he combs his hair. Yesterday, he started talking to imaginary people. He was arguing with somebody, maybe his mum or his dad. He got quite upset and told them to go just before he jumped on the bed and started to cry. I went to him but I could only stand there. He looked at me and asked me a question, but I didn’t say anything.

He wanted me to go, so I went to the corner of the room where he could not see me. That’s what I usually do when he’s upset, I go away.

I know what it’s like when you want to cry. You just want to be alone and he’s been alone a lot because he cries a lot.

Maybe tomorrow I will try to talk to him. Maybe I will go into the bathroom with him again. It’s there I hope he will start to see this place for what it is. It’s not his house, not any more. I hope that when he gets in the bath again he will see that it’s broken and there’s no water, but he doesn’t see it. He doesn’t see the broken mirror, caked with dust and cobwebs.

I know I’m dead, I’ve been dead a long time. I got used to it.

But he thinks he’s still alive.


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