Snippet Sunday 25/1/15: Miss Salter Part 4

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The woman looked at me but gave nothing away with her expression.

‘Mrs. Brown is a difficult person to get information from,’ said Danny.

Misses Brown? My contact is Mister Brown,’ I remarked to Danny. Either my interrogator and this woman are married or they are giving us false names. ‘Is that true?’ I asked her, ‘are we in Tehran?’

She looked to the intercom; when no answer came back, she nodded. ‘Yes.’

‘What does the Iranian government want with us?’ I asked.

A small smile passed across her lips and she shrugged. The intercom did react then, after which the woman said – in a voice surprisingly feminine for such a stern-looking woman, that they were not and had nothing to do with the Iranian government. She also made it clear she could tell us no more than that.

Danny stayed for about an hour and “Mrs. Brown” remained in the room at all times, but at a distance. We talked about anything and everything. Naturally, the subject of our predicament ended very quickly and after our alloted time she led Danny away, leaving me aline once again.

I was getting restless. I’d had breakfast several hours before, but I had no idea if it had actually been breakfast time as I had no idea how long I had been asleep before eating it. It could have been days, or it could have been just my regular eight hours – surely they must have sedated me to stop me waking up during the course of my abduction? I certainly felt refreshed.

Mister Brown returned, but told me he couldn’t stay long. He told me he had to go straight into a meeting but that I was now free to leave the room and visit some of the facilities – there was, apparently, a gym (damn I definitely needed to burn off some of this energy), a place where I could go to spend time with Danny – but only at times determined by “them”. He also told me to visit the place where I had been sleeping so that’s where I went first.

I was surprised to find it had quite a few books and mostly on subjects of interest to me, but doubted I would have the time to read them. There was also a luxurious shower and – most delightfully, changes of clothes that included gym gear. I guess they had been observing me for some time, comfort was clearly one of their top priorities.

I went to workout at the gym – which I had all to myself. Danny was never one for exercise and even when he was he’d rather go for a cycle or a swim. I felt quite exhausted afterwards and decided to have a little snooze.

I had a dream of Mister Brown. It was nothing portentous, or at least it didn’t feel like that to me at the time. He just asked me lots of really weird questions, I mean, far weirder than how many languages I spoke. Stuff like whether I preferred chocolate or skiing and whether I remember what happened to me the week after my fourth birthday.

Mrs. Brown was always in the background, and Danny stood by my side prompting me not to answer. Why would he do that? These were stupid questions and wouldn’t put me in any danger.

An alarm work me; a gentle, soft sound of bird song. It took me a couple of minutes to realise it was my mobile phone! In all the shock of what happened, I assumed they’d left it in our flat. As I moved, the light above me came on and I spotted my phone on the bedside table. How very strange, it certainly wasn’t there when I went to sleep, I would have seen it.

I picked it up and immediately dialed mum and dad’s number.

Part 5 is here

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2 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 25/1/15: Miss Salter Part 4

    1. Heh, I think you will be surprised with the turn this is about to take. Stay tuned for part 5 next week.

      For the record, I finished writing the story a week ago 🙂

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