What’s Muphry’s Law?

Wait, what… is that a typo? No it isn’t and yes it is… sort of. But it’s delibeberate a bit like that one. Do you have any idea what I am talking about?

We all know what Murphy’s Law is (or Sod’s Law as we say in England) “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” such as when you are running late for work and on your commute you get stopped at every red light on the journey yet the following day when you are running early, you won’t get caught in a single red light.

Muphry’s Law, also known as Skitt’s Law. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/skitt-s-law

That’s Murphy’s Law, so what is Muphry’s Law? It’s most commonly seen on Facebook and social media where grammar, spelling and punctuation are rules there merely to be discarded. It is the best source to find examples though. Consider the following exchange:

“I’ve worked seven days and can’t wait for my day of next week!”
“Don’t you mean “day off”? You’re English is terrible!”

The first rule of Muphry’s Law is that when you are correcting somebody else’s spelling or grammar, your response will ironically (but not deliberately) also contain an error in spelling or grammar.

The second rule (and this is something that I am sure where we all as bloggers feel the pain) is that no matter how many times we proofread something, we will not spot errors until after they have been published. These sorts of errors are far more critical in printed media because at least in blogs and in our Word documents we can go back and correct it. I know I have fallen prey to Muphry’s Law many times, just a month ago I found a typo in a post that had been up for over a year. Even when I “save draft” and then “preview” (so I can see the post as it will look when posted) I might still not see all the errors.

Muphry’s Law is the critical error in the title of your book, the random zero in the middle of a word in your PhD thesis, and writing SHCOOL (though I fail to see how nobody spotted that one) in white paint in the road. Muphry’s Law has a lot of staying power for both cringe and comedy factor. I’m sure this isn’t the last time you will see it discussed on Sweet, Tyres and Digit a link.


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7 thoughts on “What’s Muphry’s Law?

  1. And me all happy to post my first comment and say that it was Murphy and yes I knew all about it 🙂 Too bad.
    I do love the Muphry’s Law, something similar to the Rushed Pedant Law.

  2. I find that my typos are evolving. Now, it is not just a misplaced letter or punctuation mark, but entire worlds. Like that. World for word. Money for movie. Sex for text. It seems random, but I find it is happening more and more. Old age? Or Murphey’s Law? (how ever that is spelled)

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