The Enigma That is Clara Oswin Oswald

This is the first of just two articles that I wrote for Doctor Who Land that disappeared a few days ago without any communication from the site admin. The information is still relevant as it was written in light of the information at the end of The Name of the Doctor. Oh and for you lovely people, it is also longer than the original piece. Enjoy!

The Impossible Girl.

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Clara Oswin Oswald. Souffle Girl. Introduced in 2012’s Asylum of the Daleks, Clara Oswald was revealed (or so we thought at the time) to be the last vestiges of a person’s humanity in denial of its new Dalek form and desperately fighting its megalomaniac urges. She/It helped The Doctor to escape and even wiped the Dalek records of any trace of their bitter nemesis and opening up the story for some rather intriguing developments.

With her re-appearance in The Snowmen, we assumed that she would become the new companion and eventually face the fate of becoming a Dalek while The Doctor remains troubled about that eventual fate. But then something strange happened – she died. How could she have died in this episode but still be the same person? We were left scratching our heads and looking forward to an intriguing second half of the season. The Doctor could not understand this either and went searching for her – eventually finding her again in modern day London. The coincidences were stacking up and he devoted himself to finding out what was actually going on with this girl.

Their relationship in the eight episodes leading up to The Name of The Doctor was an intriguing one – a mix of respect and suspicion (from The Doctor as he tried to figure out his enigma and from her as she suspected he was holding information back). She is at once brave, bossy and sweet: his baby sister and his big sister “squeezed into a skirt that is a little bit tight”. The revelation at the end of The Name of The Doctor demonstrated how she could be both impossible and an ordinary girl at the same time – she jumped into the time stream at Trenzalore and spread herself across the universe in order to save The Doctor from the Great Intelligence. But now that story thread is over…

What Next for Clara?

Her story is not over – we have discovered the enigma and now she can fully blossom as a character in her own right minus the suspicion. I suspect we are about to witness an about turn as she discovers The Doctor’s darkest side in the 50th anniversary episode.

She will see a facet of his character only hinted at before and one that only Rose Tyler came close to witnessing. Clara will find out precisely what The Doctor did that led to him disowning an entire incarnation. Their relationship will change and she is likely to feel revulsion and sadness in equal measure. No doubt she will experience the fury of her Doctor, something that has also been only hinted at. But will she support him? Will she withdraw from him until fate dictates his regeneration at Christmas? The story of Clara has now been revealed to The Doctor and it is her turn to learn about him. But is she going to like what she sees?


6 thoughts on “The Enigma That is Clara Oswin Oswald

  1. Great stuff. I hope Clara gets better. I like the acting but I just feel her appearance has been totally overshadowed by this mystery. Now it’s out of the way, I hope she can develop into someone more likable. If you are looking for somewhere else to submit this, how about DoctorWhoTV? That place desperately needs some quality articles.

    1. Thanks, I’ve looked at their page before but never thought about looking into submissions. I need to start thinking bigger so I’ll take a look 🙂

      1. You should get in easily. From what I can tell its mostly university students. The quality is pretty low butitsvery popular with lively discussions

  2. I’ve already lost hope for Clara’s character. Moffat has wasted the actress and Capaldi would do a much better job as the Doctor with a fresh start. He needs and companion, of course, and I suggest a few on Imgur…

    1. Yeah, I don’t suspect most people with “get” the Hobbit referance. Archeology, people. It’s what the Doctor would do – WTDWD

      1. Thanks for those, some interesting choices!

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