Site of the Week: Creative Writing Now

A lot of the sites I have featured are about helping you develop as a writer, how to improve techniques, identify good and bad writing methods and how to improve. But what if you haven’t written a thing but would like to try? What if you consider yourself truly hopeless and want to improve? Or perhaps you have always written fiction but now want to try your hand at poetry or scriptwriting? Basically, are you a beginner or feel like one?

Creative Writing Now is a “how to” website that helps you get started. It is pretty basic but full of useful short tips so you don’t have to read endless pages of explanation before trying your hand at writing.

There are a number of correspondence courses. Most of them you have to pay for but have a surf around because there are currently some that are free of charge. As with other writing help sites, there are also a number of prompts set out in specific categories so you can work in the way that you want to work in.


3 thoughts on “Site of the Week: Creative Writing Now

  1. Do you review nonfiction books? If so, where can I send a query?

    1. mgm75

      I do indeed! Look at my book review list, there’s plenty of them on there.

      I haven’t done anything like this before so if you want to talk send me an email to procrastin8or75 at google mail dot com.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

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