Hello, I'm Matt Mason. How can I help you?

Hello, I’m Matt Mason. How can I help you? 

Hello, this is the official website of freelance writer Matt Mason. I help education and recruitment businesses just like your reach out to your customer. Whether that’s job candidates, hiring companies, students, or even universities, I’ve helped many businesses in these industries develop their voice and grow.

I am, or represent, a business. I would like to know more about your professional writing services.

Business services: Helping connect SaaS, IT outsourcing, businesses systems and other B2B providers with customers.

Education services: helping students determine a career path.

Business training: helping providers of short courses and training reach out to businesses

I am a bookworm and interested in knowing more about your genre-bending books.

Whether you’re looking for science fiction, fantasy, horror, children’s fiction, short stories, I have something for you.