I get it. You’re a creative, or a social media service provider, or any other small or medium business operating from home.

You’re not a writer but you know what you want to say. You know your audience and you know what resonates with them.

You just don’t know how to say it.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one – virtually every start up and growing small business goes through this.

Hello, I’m Matt

It’s lovely to meet you.

I’ve been a professional web content writer since 2013. In that time, I’ve connected with so many wonderful clients in dozens of industries, some of which I never imagined existed.

I’ve seen web marketing and content change a great deal since 2013. No doubt it’s going to change again as technology advances and customer demand shifts. Social media is ever present, but business blogs, websites and downloadable content are still great ways to speak to your audience.

That’s why I’m here – to help you realise and harness the power of the written word.

Sound good? Contact me below. However, if you are still not sure, you can see more details about my background on the Work With Me page.

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