Matt Mason: Content Writer, Self-Published Author, Nature Photographer

This is the official website of MG Mason Creative Services. I am Matt, a freelance web content writer, budding photographer, and self-published author.

After finishing an archaeology post-graduate degree, and having excelled with my dissertation, I decided that a career in writing lay ahead of me. Then in 2013, I left full-time employment to do just that. I never looked back. Now I write mostly for clients who reach out to students and early career professionals but that’s not the limit of my work as a content writer.

Are you a business owner?

Great, I have one question for you:

How Can I Help Your Business Reach Out?

MG Mason Creative Services

Do you struggle to convey the right message to your customers? Do you want to spend less time on your business blog and updating your website, and more time doing what you do best?

You’ve come to the right place.

I am a web content writer based in Cornwall, England. But in this truly international marketplace, I provide professional content services to clients all over the world in the following niches:

  • Education services: helping students determine a career path
  • Business training: helping providers of short courses and training reach out to businesses
  • Business services: record storage and management service providers, IT security contractors, off-shore corporate services
  • B2C customer outreach: social media contractors, ecommerce, and many more

If you’re not in any of those niches, that’s fine – this list is only a taster of my most common client industries. For further information, see my professional writing page.

MG Mason Photography Services

I presently offer stock photography through two sites where I mostly post images of wildlife and landscapes. I prefer still life and nature. For further details, please visit my photography services page and do watch this space for further developments on future photography services.

MG Mason Self-Published Author

In my spare time, I write fiction in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror niches. I’ve written five self-published works, the most recent is The Christmas Goblin, a novelette for 8-11 year olds. Dead Heat is a short horror comedy zombie fiction while it’s companion story Dead Lock is a thriller. Please visit the Fiction Page for more details.

All work appears exclusively on Amazon Kindle.