Hello, I'm Matt Mason. How can I help you?

Hello, this is the official website of freelance writer Matt Mason. I help education and recruitment businesses just like your reach out to your customer. Whether that’s job candidates, hiring companies, students, universities, and providers of independent advice sites.

I am, or represent, a business. I would like to know more about your professional writing services.

Business services: Blog posts, downloadable ebooks and more for a range of businesses service providers.

Education services: writing for universities, STEM engagement NGOs, and business training.

Small Business Blogging: “You are the brand” – run a small business and want general articles? Reach out!

While the above are my specialities, I write on a wide range of subjects. For a list of example articles, visit the Work With Me page. You’ll also find a contact form.

I am a bookworm and interested in knowing more about your genre-bending books.

Whether you’re looking for science fiction, fantasy, horror, children’s fiction, short stories, I have something for you.

I’m here for the photography.

All my photography content is now offsite, but I have a handy page with all the links to SmugMug and stock photo sites.

Landscape and nature photography at SmugMug.

Stock photos at two sites (Twenty20 and Alamy).

Photography blogging – writing about my images.